Speaking about GHGSat company’s capabilities related to methane emissions monitoring, during Ogólnopolski Szczyt Gospodarczy economical summit in Lublin, (October 2021):

Leading the panel discussion during World Space Week Wrocław 2020 – Konferencja „Technologie kosmiczne w służbie zrównoważonego rozwoju” (November 2020):

Leading the panel discussion during the Polish-Spanish Space Industry Day in January 2019:


Fot. Defence24

Summary of the panel discussion:

Leading the debate on Polish Space Sector during „Kongres 590” Conference in November 2018:


Fot. Defence24

Summary of the panel discussion:

Presenting Polish Space Sector and leading the panel during the Next-Gen Space Tech Middle East Conference, which took place on 22nd-23rd October 2018 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Me_sektor   Me_panel

Leading the discussion panel about Space 4.0 during EFNI (European Forum for New Ideas) 2018 Conference in Sopot, in September 2018:


Fot. Konfederacja Lewiatan

Summary of the panel discussion:

Interview with monsieur Jean-Loic Galle, CEO of Thales Alenia Space (in English):


Published: 8th June 2018

Video interview with Jadwiga Emilewicz, Polish minister of entrepreneurship and technology:

Published: 24th May 2018

Video interview with Director General of the European Space Agency


On 21st November 2017 in Warsaw I made a video interview with prof. dr Johann-Dietrich Woerner – ESA Director General:,woerner-codziennie-zadajemy-sobie-pytanie-o-najlepsza-rakiete-przyszlosci-space24pl-tv

Moderating discussion panels

Lecture about zodiac constellations

On 12th January 2017 i made a presentation about zodiac constellations in Wawerskie Centrum Kultury, for Kawiarnia Naukowa 1a.

Astronomy lesson for blind children

On 4th October 2016 I performed a lesson on astronomy for blind children in Laski using specially prepared tactile materials and playing them different sounds from space and audio-recordings connected with space exploration.


Visit to Creotech

On 19th September 2016 I arranged the trip of journalists from the Polish Society of Scientific Journalists to Creotech Instruments SA company office in Piaseczno. We spoke with the company’s managers and employees an visited their very modern „clean room”.


Taking part in Citizens' Debate

On 10th September 2016 in Jasionka near Rzeszów I took part in ESA’s First Citizens' Debate on Space for Europe

IPS 2016 Conference

I was the program coordinator and one of the main organizers of the International Planetarium Society

2016 Conference that took part in Warsaw in June 2016.


My presentation at CAP 2016

My presentation on popular science writing on astronomy during Communicating Astronomy with the Public 2016 conference in Medellin, Colombia


Writing about Polish space industry for logo-parp2

During the second part of the year 2015 I took part, as subcontractor, in preparing eight articles about Polish space industry for The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development – examples:

  1. Czas polskich satelitów
  2. Polskie firmy na kosmicznej arenie europejskiej
  3. Polska w ESA, Polska w ESO